The poppies of Domaine de Sauzet

Les coquelicots de la route de montoulieu, les vignes du domaine de sauzet

Many of you appreciated the magnificent field of poppies, along the Montoulieu road, at Triadou. Many even stopped to photograph him. Others congratulated me on the beauty of my poppy plantation!... They have now disappeared, and our young plantation of vines which the flowers kept hidden becomes visible again.

So, it was not a planting of poppies, but the natural return of this beautiful flower, following the plowing in the fall of 2017 of this field which had only been grass for decades. This return of poppies is often a symbol of the return of rich biodiversity to lands having suffered human aggression and high doses of pesticides from intensive agriculture. This return can also simply be the blossoming of seeds (which can remain inert in the ground for several decades), in favorable, healthy, and newly turned soil. Flowers in the fields serve as resources for bees and wild pollinators, their seeds feed seed-eating birds, etc. They are the assistants of the gardener and the farmer: they thus shelter species such as the ladybug which naturally fight against aphids.

Botanist Gilles Clément goes even further and even states: “The poppy is a powerful emblem with a revolutionary appearance. This red that we see everywhere, which is expressed with enormous violence and force, means many other things. It means stop the bullshit, stop killing; we want diversity, we want life.” Ah! How beautiful my field of poppies was!... A wish: that the vine which will grow on this beautiful, clean land, where the poppy has blossomed, will give us beautiful grapes, and that we will make a beautiful, healthy, and good wine... organic of course, like all wines from the Domaine de Sauzet!

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Situé au coeur de cette vallée, au pied des Grottes des Demoiselles (site exceptionnel classé 3 étoiles) le Domaine de Sauzet est une des plus anciennes propriétés de la région, pionnière de la culture de la vigne et de la vinification en chais particulier.

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